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Yarmouth High School Bulletin for Monday, September 28, 2020

College virtual visits - schedule for week of September 28th If interested in visiting one of these colleges, please let me know and I will share the Zoom link with you. As always, teacher permission is required. Week of September 28-October 2 Monday, September 28 Northern Maine Community College-Abbi Theriault- 9:45am Oberlin College- Bill Prescott- Zoom meeting- 11:45am Tuesday, September 29 Skidmore College- Matthew Cohen- Zoom meeting- 9:35am Fairfield University- Hattie Briggs- Zoom meeting- 12:45pm Wednesday, September 30 University of Denver- Craig Dion- Zoom meeting- 12:30pm Thursday, October 1 Colgate University- Alexandra Fahey-Zoom meeting-8:15am Thomas College- Cassandra Contigiani- Zoom meeting- 10:45am Bryant University- Laura Ferrell- Zoom meeting- 12:40pm Friday, October 2 Claremont McKenna College- Rachelle Ehrmann- 9:45am Sarah Lawrence College- Seth Katz- Zoom meeting- 12:45pm

Western Maine Conference - Spectator Protocol Western Maine Conference - Spectator Protocol Due to the limitations on gatherings indicated in the Governor’s Executive Orders, no more than 100 people may be present at an event at the current time. That number includes all participants, coaches, and game day staff. As a result of this Executive Order, Western Maine Conference contests will not be available for visiting team in-person spectator viewing. Host schools will determine in-person home spectator viewing that aligns with the Executive Order. Yarmouth Athletics - Spectator Protocol Yarmouth Athletics is committed to provide in-person home spectator viewing for families of our athletes. Due to the Governor’s Executive Order that limits the number of people who can be present at each event (100), we need to consider the number of athletes, coaches, officials, game personnel, and athletic department staff as we plan for spectators. Based on our existing numbers for those participants, the Yarmouth Athletics Spectator Protocol will be as follows: Senior athletes will receive 2 season passes to be used by family members at their discretion Underclassmen athletes will receive 1 season pass to be used by family members at their discretion Family members must present their season pass at the Turf Field Ticket Table Family members must provide their name to game personnel checking tickets Note: Yarmouth Athletics must keep a record of those attending each event Any spectator who attends a home event must wear a mask at all times There will be no spectators for home scrimmages or exhibitions Spectators may only sit in clearly marked designated areas of the bleaches or in every other fence section adjacent to the Turf Field Spectators may not view the games from the Baseball Outfield Area Important reminder: The Yarmouth Athletic Department must ensure guidelines for holding events are met. Any action taken by spectators that jeopardize the ability for the Athletic Department to follow these guidelines will result in the removal of spectators from home events. Note: An informational meeting with athletes and their parents will be scheduled for Fall Sports Teams this week in which Athletic Director David Creech will provide details of the spectator protocol. Parents should connect with their coaches for the date, time, and meeting ID for these meetings. This will be a virtual meeting.

Students - Apply for the Spirit of Community Award Apply here

ACE Mentoring Program - student are invited to participate YHS students have been invited to participate in the ACE mentoring program designed for students interested in architecture, construction and engineering. ACE is a national organization that strives to teach students about the various career paths in these fields. The after-school program begins on October 15 and runs until March 31. Each virtual mentoring session focuses on a different ACE profession and includes a 45-minute presentation by a guest lecturer and a hands-on activity that reinforces the lesson. Immediately following, mentors will be available for “office hours” for students to engage with their mentors in a smaller group setting. Any materials needed for hands-on activities will be provided by ACE and distributed to students. At the end of the program, students will complete a final project designing a structure or system focused on social justice and/or sustainability. The design prompt will be distributed at the beginning of the program year, and all work done in previous sessions will support the final project. Students that participate in 75% of the sessions are eligible to apply for a scholarship and last year, a student at each participating school received a scholarship. YHS students may also consider receiving credit for participation in the program as an ELO. If you would like to register, please contact Justine Carlisle for more information.

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